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Oracle Database


This course is designed to build you on database management and collection using Oracle. You will have good knowledge on how to store and retrieve related information and also solve problems of information management.

What you will learn

  • How to install, configure, design and troubleshoot database systems.
  • How to use advanced features of the Oracle Database to enhance your data management solution
  • Learn the mechanism, model design and real-world simulation of Relational Database (Entity Relationship – ER) in Database systems
  • How to implement the data model that an application requires
  • How to implement the rules for data integrity
  • How to implement the specified functions for accessing and manipulating the application data.
  • How to interact with Oracle Exadata and Golden Gate.
  • How to manipulate MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • How to implement and manage big data in organizations


Prospective Job Roles After Completion

After completion of the training, Students will be adequately equipped for the following job roles

  • Principal Solution Engineer
  • Oracle ProSales Solution manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Scientist and Miner


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