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6 Weeks


Our Risk Manager ISO 31000 course provides you with comprehensive training in the principles and guidelines of risk management based on ISO 31000. This course is vital for professionals looking to ensure that risk management processes are integrated effectively throughout their organizations. Throughout the course, you will engage deeply with the ISO 31000 risk management standard, learning how to assess, manage, and communicate risks effectively. You’ll gain hands-on experience in designing and implementing risk management strategies that align with organizational objectives and improve decision-making processes. Our seasoned instructors will equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to manage uncertainty and drive organizational success.

What you will learn

Our Risk Manager ISO 31000 course covers essential topics, including:

  • Principles and guidelines of ISO 31000
  • Establishing a risk management framework
  • Implementing a risk management process
  • Risk assessment techniques
  • Risk treatment options
  • Risk communication and consultation
  • Monitoring and reviewing risk management practices
  • Integrating risk management into the organizational culture

Prospective job roles after completion

Upon completing our Risk Manager ISO 31000 course, you will be ready to take on several key positions, including:

  • Risk Manager
  • Compliance Manager
  • Risk Analyst
  • Risk and Compliance Consultant
  • Corporate Governance Manager

As a Risk Manager, you’ll be instrumental in leading your organization through the complexities of risk assessment and mitigation strategies. Enroll in our course to enhance your expertise in risk management and contribute to the resilience and growth of your organization.

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