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Aitech Signs Partnership Agreement with NCC Education UK

Aitech Signs Partnership Agreement with NCC Education UK

Aitech has signed a partnership agreement with NCC Education UK. This partnership empowers us to issue diploma certificates from NCC Education and also Degrees from NCC partner universities in the UK, US, Canada and other countries.
Below is a press release on the partnership posted on NCC Education website and also a link pointing to the post on their website.


NCC Education is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with Artificial Intelligence Technologies Ltd (AITECH), a leading technology education provider in Abuja, Nigeria. This partnership opens avenues for Nigerian students to access internationally recognized UK qualifications, providing an affordable and accessible pathway to global educational opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies Ltd (AITECH), based in Abuja, Nigeria, boasts over four years of experience and specializes in crafting distinctive learning experiences for personal and professional development. With a mission to ensure widespread technology adoption among young people, AITECH aims to dominate the ICT sector in Nigeria through excellence-driven actions.

Joel Babalola, CEO of AITECH, emphasized the significance of the collaboration: “This partnership with NCC Education opens new doors for Nigerian students to achieve internationally recognized qualifications without the need to travel abroad. The economic advantage is significant, and we are excited to bridge the gap between Nigerian students and global educational opportunities.”

Monica Alberton, Business Development Manager at NCC Education, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We look forward to embarking on an exciting partnership journey with AI Technology. This collaboration signifies a fusion of our strengths and shared goals in providing quality education to students in Nigeria and various other countries. We welcome the AI Technology team to a collaborative and promising alliance!”

They will offer a range of programmes, including L3DC, L4DC, L4DCBM, L5DC, L5DCBM, L5DCCS, and UCLAN top-ups.

For more information about NCC Education’s partnership with AITECH or the available programmes, please contact the team at directly here.


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